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Trying New Things: Because its Cool

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A couple days ago, I was driving my younger sister to a meeting she had. Having got in the car before her, I selected my preferred music for the journey. As we got underway, I cranked the volume up and settled back to enjoy. However, not halfway to the destination, my sister proceeded to switch to her own music on the radio, declaring my music to be “annoying.” This is just one scenario in a long line of situations which involve people I know completely writing off media that I enjoy as unworthy of even the briefest amount of their time.


To be perfectly honest, this is something I do as well. Lately, I try as best as possible to be completely open to anything new, whether in media, or just life in general. It isn’t always easy, mainly because some stuff just doesn’t fit well with me at all. But at least attempting to try everything new that people have shown me has resulted in rich new experiences.

Anime and manga are a perfect example of this for me. A year ago I had never tried watching anime. A cousin of mine reads tons of manga, but it never struck me as something I would like. Then I came across a post on MyIGN about some user’s favorite recent anime shows. The pure enthusiasm which emanated from the article drove me to visit Crunchyroll and watch the ongoing Sword Art Online. From the beginning, I was hooked, despite having never watched an anime before in my life.


These days, I am reading manga and watching anime on a regular basis, something I would never have seen myself doing a couple years ago. All because of a single enthusiastic fan who was brave enough to share a passion. Going back to the original point of the article, I implore anyone who reads this to take some time to check out someone else’s favorite thing. Whether it’s a new music genre, book series, TV show, or something completely foreign to you, check it out. Don’t shut anyone down for what they like, because you might end up liking it if you just give it a chance.

And of course, show EVERYONE how much you like video games.

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