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StygianKnight Secret Santa 2014

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m-merry christmas, b-baka....

I like anime, manga, and Dota. And this is harder than I thought would be...Figures, posters, manga, games, and t-shirts are awesome, but I'm open to anything! My t-shirt size is adult medium. I own a PS3, 3DS, and PC.


Game and anime/manga series I like:



Attack on Titan

Fairy Tail

Blue Exorcist

Dark Souls


Dota 2 (welovefine has cool Dota merch)

Some manga series I'd like to start collecting: Fairy Tail, Berserk, and Claymore (for Claymore, volume 4 and onward)


My all-time favorite band is Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and here are some of their CDs I don't own: Kimi Tsunagi Five M, World World World, and Fanclub. They are sometimes available on Amazon.

Certain individuals who I will not name here have been yelling at me to play Chrono Trigger, and the DS version is what I'm looking for. I'm pretty new to JRPG's, but I really like Valkyria Chronicles, so if that gives you any ideas for games I should play...


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